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With decades of litigation experience, David J. Perlman is renowned for his ability to frame compelling arguments and write winning briefs.  He focuses  on appellate litigation and critical legal writing for trial attorneys. 



Mr. Perlman's appellate successes include a landmark establishment clause victory before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, reversal of a federal court of appeals by means of a cert petition resulting in an order from the the United States Supreme Court, the restoration of a charter school's charter by the Charter School Appeal Board, reversal of a jury verdict against a commercial insurance broker, among others. 

Civil litigation before appellate tribunals, including business and commercial disputes, personal injury, and other cases. 

Critical Motions


An authority on written advocacy and legal rhetoric, Mr. Perlman drafts critical briefs, pleadings, and advocacy documents for litigating attorneys and consults on legal strategy.  By adding an experienced, adept advocate to their team, small firms have turned the tables on adversaries with greater resources or with expertise in a particular substantive field of law.

Critical legal writing for litigating attorneys.

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